Designer and creator of the Secret Pocket Society®

“The gBag stands for life and was designed as a homage to women all over the world. We give birth, work hard to have a good career, while balancing family, home, health and life’s struggles. Not to mention society’s pressure on us to look young, have no cellulite, wrinkles or stretch marks. Enough! No more body shame! It’s time for an empowerment: the gBag with its curves and secret pockets reminds us that we are perfect as we are. And let’s be honest – being a woman is amazing.” – Galia Brener-Rexroth


As a child, Galia spent most of her life searching for snow angels in Canada. She moved to Europe at the age of 22 to complete her Master’s Degree in communication design.

Galia lived on 4 different continents and fluently speaks 5 languages. She founded her fashion startup Secret Pocket Society® in 2009.

As a public figure, Galia appears on television shows, in newspapers, magazines, testimonial for products and collaborates with major brands from all over the world.

Galia Brener-Rexroth stands for luxury, authenticity and “Bodenständigkeit”. She is the ambassador of happiness and likes traveling the world in search of new ideas and experiences to share with you.

Secret Pocket Society®
We at Secret Pocket Society® think that woman should stand together and support each other. We believe that anything is possible, and together we can achieve everything! ❤️
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